What is coreboot?

coreboot is an extended firmware platform that delivers a lightning fast and secure boot experience on modern computers and embedded systems. As an Open Source project it provides auditability and maximum control over technology.

coreboot Fundamentals Training is the first step of 3mdeb Firmware Training path. It provides solid grounds for further development towards proficiency in coreboot firmware platform enginering.

What will you gain?

  • months spent on self-improvement of your developers

  • access to the only coreboot training available online

  • valuable content at a reasonable price

  • learning platform dedicated to training

  • support of the 3mdeb team during the subscription period

Your team will learn precisely

  • What coreboot is and its place in an Embedded Firmware technology ecosystem

  • How to set up a coreboot development environment and use the required tools

  • The ways to contribute to a coreboot project

  • A detailed insight into the coreboot boot process

  • How does coreboot build process work

  • Ways to use QEMU for firmware development

  • How to build and run coreboot in QEMU

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If you wish to test coreboot Fundamentals training

Why 3mdeb?

  • We will improve awareness, proficiency and level of knowledge of Embedded Firmware technology

  • We will explain the value, ROI and TCO associated with the most popular firmware frameworks

  • We will provide educational platforms to train the top Embedded Firmware, Open Source Firmware, UEFI and BIOS Engineers

  • We will introduce and provide tools that will simplify implementation of Embedded Firmware

  • We will support your team on training platform discussion panel if any questions will arise

The 3mdeb Embedded Firmware Training Program helps companies to close the knowledge gap and train their developers with a valuable source of content based on years of practice and experience.

Scope and pricing


Fundamentals Training*


Fundamentals Training - Enterprise*

* available for distribution within your company for the subscribtion period

Subscription period takes 6 months due to constant coreboot releases that require regular updates of coreboot Fundamentals Training.


Form of the course

  • coreboot basics

  • coreboot boot process

  • coreboot building

  • running coreboot in QEMU

  • Chapters are divided into lessons, each with a combination of lectures, examples, and quizzes. Each lesson is one hour in length, with a thirty-minute lecture and a thirty-minute laboratory assignment

  • Training covers support of the 3mdeb team on training platform discussion panel during the subscription period


  • To subscribe to the training, the following is required:

  • basic technical knowledge of computer architecture

  • Along with preparation of hardware:

  • Computer or VM with modern Linux distribution

  • An installed and configured docker

  • Duration

    1 lesson consists of a 1 hour lecture or laboratory.

    1 training consists of 5 modules and takes approximately 5 hours.

  • Audience

    Developers who want to gain deeper insight into coreboot and open-source firmware development.

Our training is more than theory

 Bootstrap new developers with best practices in Open Source Firmware development, based on years of experience in engineering and support of production firmware for a range of x86 and Arm hardware devices, applied within only five hours of training.


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